Saturday, December 8th

I’m worried about Dogmara, or the lack of her. She was a frequent visitor when we lived in the Isolation Ward. We’d be sitting on the terrace and there would come that familiar grunty-snuffle noise that always forecast her appearance. The noise came from her dog, at least I think it’s a dog, who would often take her out for a walk around the grounds. The dog was a roasted walnut colour, about the size of large handbag and had one of those faces that has been inbred to the point of being impractical. The thing can hardly breathe, hence the strange noises.

The Dog-Dogmara relationship is the opposite of what it should be. The dog’s in charge. I think her plan is always to walk the dog when there are no distractions and nobody to witness her subservience to the dog master but it didn’t always work out that way. They would come out of the wooded area from where there is a choice of directions, left or straight would be normal dog walking routes whereas right leads to the Isolation Ward terrace. If we were sitting there, right was a much more interesting adventure for the grunty thing and so that’s where it headed. Dogmara would then go through a whole range of anger, embarrassment, denial stuff.

She’d start with muttering things like “Grunty thing! How may times have I told you not to go over to their terrace?” to which the dog would show zero response and just do what the hell it wanted to do. This pretense of behaving like she knew the dog would listen to her went on for a while getting ever more animated until she was flapping around like a drowning woman in the hope of getting the dogs attention. After a few minutes she would just face the reality that unless she was prepared to physically come over to our terrace and pick it up, the dog was not moving. As she was never able to come closer than 20m from our terrace her efforts were always in vain and she would shuffle quietly off as if she had actually ordered the dog to go to our terrace and ignore her. When the grunty thing felt like it, it would follow her.

Have not seen her for ages, in fact I don’t think I’ve seen her since leaving the Isolation Ward, so that’s a year now. I did however see grunty thing being walked by a guy last week and it was definitely “at heel”.

Saw Mr Big yesterday and can confirm he is male and does not look like an ambassador. Not that all ambassadors look the same of course. The Audi was sat at the lights waiting to get onto the highway as I was on my way back from the school run. Don’t think I’ve ever seen him around the estate.


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