Footnote – 8/12/2012

Had a useful meeting with Darth Muller, yesterday morning. I had asked for his help in terms of providing information on how the place was built that might be useful in working out the cause of our damp problem. He was very helpful and had brought with him a stack of original drawings of our residence as well as a collection of photos he’d taken when spying on Penthouse’s potentially illegal bedroom.

Of itself, pretty boring for anyone not involved in architecture or construction but for me it was both interesting and illuminating as well as moving us a little further towards a solution. One interesting detail is that the terrace on which Penthouse built the bedroom used to have a long plant trough running exactly in the area we have the problem. One of the problems I should say. It can be assumed with 100% certainly that her builders did not properly waterproof this after demolition so if water is getting under her bedroom floor we know where it is going to end up.

Also, we now understand how the apartment walls are constructed and why the previous owners addition of an inner gypsum lining with insulation was a bad idea. The original construction used a state-of-the-art system pioneered in Austria where the construction block itself provides the required insulation and hence the reason why nobody can find sheets of insulation material on the outside. A point on which there has been constant friction between residents and The Evil Empire. I’m reliably informed that the system, called something like “Pyroteknik Weinerschnitzel” has a K value of 0.33, better even than a normal wall covered with Styrofoam, and yet it allows the apartments to breathe. The upside is a healthier atmosphere in the apartment, the downside is higher heating bills. As we know.

I must say it was definitely worth keeping the right side of The Evil Empire although it is a difficult road to negotiate being connected with them without that being automatically presumed to be against The Chosen Ones. A far, so good.


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