Thursday, November 22nd

Today is Thanksgiving Day for all Americans. From what I have heard, this is the best holiday they have all year, better even than Christmas so I wish them all a happy and peaceful time with their loved ones.

Strangely Park is void of US or even Canadian blood, as far as I know, so there are no signs of holiday celebrations or deliveries of giant turkeys around here today.

I was so ignorant of the history and meaning of this holiday. I always thought it was fixed on November 24th and had something to do with Independence. Wrong on both counts but have now read the Wiki article so am somewhat better informed.

Activity in the apartment across from us has intensified. I’m going to call the owner “Starbuck” even though that’s not accurate and we’ve never even met. Starbuck has clearly decided that now is the time to embark on the full remodel and a metal skip has appeared on the street downstairs and is slowly being filled with bricks. One day will find out what rearrangement is being done, very possibly tearing down the walls of the originally enclosed kitchen, same as we did.

It is a habit to have a small quiz session with Offspring at bed time. When she gets 100 points she gets a small prize. She is currently on 60 points. Each night there are three questions for one point each and if she gets all those correct then there’s another bonus question for two points. Last night’s bonus question was a tough one “What is the chemical symbol for water?”. This provoked cries of foul because she’s “not having those lessons yet!”. Nevertheless, she gave an answer which was, “Fish?”.

After too much laughing I switched it to a multiple choice and before I’d even finished the first choice answer she shouted out “H2O!”. So, she knew all along, she just didn’t understand what “chemical symbol” means. Personally, I prefer “Fish”.

Spent an hour and a half with our “Expert” yesterday. He will be helping us track down the problem of the damp in the walls. Not an easy task but we have to start somewhere. I will explain more later as it’s a long story.


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