Monday, October 15th

As we’ve been evacuated [once again] from our office because of a bomb threat I’m home earlier than usual today. That means I saw Hemingway taking his Rolls Royce out for another spin just a while ago. This is highly unusual behaviour.

Hemingway is, as the name suggests, a published author and Mrs Hemingway is I believe a very good teacher of English and Polish languages. He hails from the land of Oz and via a circumbubulous route that involved writing a book on South Polynesian islands, ended up spending many years in London and now resides in Strangely Park. There is a Polish connection somewhere that involves one or more famous pianists but I need to read his book on Poland more diligently to be clear on that.

The Hemingways are Lakesiders, ground floor of the building just across from us, the one with The Rapsters (and their dogs) on the roof in the penthouse. Being Lakesiders means, generally, they have a nice view of our lake but smaller apartments. This is all fine and dandy so long as there is a lake but the water level has been steadily dropping over the last year and Hemingway is up in arms. So many arms that he can oft be found on the lake in his kayak searching for dead fish. More on that later.

Running at a bit of a tangent to his claim of being “not a wealthy man”, he keeps two classic cars in the basement. One is a Rolls Royce, Silver Shadow I think, and the other an even older, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, style MG. Both glorious examples of the species. They come out on rare occasions when the weather is fine or when there’s a classic car event in town worth going to. He’s always as dressed up as the cars, striking a balance somewhere between Toad of Toad Hall and Indiana Jones. So, the idea of the Rolls coming out twice in two days is, I have to say, intriguing. The price of fuel as it is, I hope he’s not going far.

A sudden and unexpected flood of his basement garage one night last winter was a most exciting spectacle involving pyjamas, buckets and plenty of flowery language. Turned out it was just meltwater and blocked drains, thus moving “unblocking drains” to the top of the administration’s priority list for a while afterwards.

Hemingway and I have formed an action committee. Thus far it’s more committee than action, with a decent amount of tea and biscuits thrown in. The action we speak of is with regards to trying to get Strangely Park to operate within any decent definition of normally. We have a lot of ideas, the same underlying philosophy but different immediate priorities. His is to save the lake from becoming a stinking bog and mine to stop the water problem in a couple of walls in our apartment. Our progress will also be the subject of further writings.

EDIT – the bomb threats were later traced to a disgruntled shop employee who has now been arrested. 


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