Wednesday, October 10th

Skater, the son on Mr & Mrs Who?, is out in the street with his board. I’m afraid the attraction of skateboarding is a mystery to me. From what I can see of Skater’s activity it mainly involves rolling slowly down the pavement until you get to the kerb then jumping thereby losing the skateboard, repeat, repeat, repeat. Occasionally, he does it the other way around and tries to jump onto the pavement from the road with equally lame results. When he’s fed up of losing the board he just rolls down the road and jumps…and loses the board again. Perhaps he’s just not very good at it but he’s trying hard.

Mr & Mrs Who? moved into the Isolation Ward after we moved out and into our own place. To be honest I’m not sure they are actually married and for some reason I’ve got it in my head they are not and that the son is hers but she’s divorced and living with this guy. Somebody may have told me this but God knows who or why as I’m not normally looking for such information. If anyone did tell me it can only have been Mrs Who herself but I’ve only spoken to her for 10 minutes so that would be pretty forward. Maybe Darth Muller was gossiping last time I saw him, either that or I’m working myself up to a job writing scripts for a soap?

The Whos are renting from the Evil Empire, the developers of Strangely Park. They did a great job of furnishing the terrace but the colour scheme for the whole place is based on a white cat in a snowstorm. Palpatine and Darth Muller must be happy, they always said it should be white, shortly before we painted it everything but. One thing for sure, the Evil Empire have very clear, not to mention fixed, ideas on how this place should look inside and out. This should be a blessing but has so far at least been more of a curse, mainly because of their desire to have everyone follow their guidelines and their inability to actually enforce them.

Darth Muller, Handy Mick and another Munchkin moved the broken Toyota down into the basement garage earlier. It belongs to Palpatine’s husband, a thoroughly nice chap who never comes here anymore and prefers to stay at home in Vienna. Who can blame him, there’s nothing but trouble for him here. The car is crocked and should be thrown in a skip really but they keep pushing it about instead. It spent the last few months using up a good roadside parking space and getting itself covered in leaves and rotten apples. Maybe it’s being treated so well because it’s a holy car? We have holy trees in Poland so why not holy Toyotas? When someone installs a statue of the Madonna on the roof we’ll have our answer.

I tell you, these nuthatches are going bonkers for our apple tree. Tap, tap, tap all day long. There was a mini swarm of ladybirds recently so perhaps there are plenty of tiny tasty ladybirds living in the cracks in the bark?

Tops of the big trees in the park are just turning orange and yellow. Still cold. 5-6C with a chilly breeze.

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