How memory flies

As a result of our recent addiction to selling stuff on Allegro (more in another post) I’ve been sifting through old papers related to my cameras. All pretty boring stuff but one invoice stood out from the pile. It tells me that on the 15th April 2004 I paid 1,339 PLN for a SanDisk Ultra II, Compact Flash memory card with capacity of 1GB!

Unbelievable changes in the last eight years. Today you can buy a SanDisk Ultra with 4 times the storage (4GB) and three times the speed (30MB/sec) for about 3.5% of the price (50 PLN). Even an equivalent advanced card today, SanDisk Extreme with 32 times the memory (32GB) and six times the speed (60MB/s) would only cost about one fifth of the price I paid in 2004.

I jest not, before very long you will be getting 50GB cards with speeds over 100MB/s for free inside your packet of cornflakes!


3 thoughts on “How memory flies

  1. You are clearly not a person who grew up with gifts in cornflake packets. They would be inside a small plastic bag that would protect the picture holes from crumbification!

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