Zosia’s komunia

May 20th was the date of Zosia’s “First Communion” or komunia as it is known here. For Catholics it is a serious event, one to bring the family together and another opportunity for me to demonstrate to the guy upstairs that I’m still living up to the document I signed on the day I married Marta, that my children will be brought up in the Catholic faith.

We’d like to thank everyone for attending, in total we had I think 18 at the party afterwards most from Warsaw, some from further afield in Poland and a special thanks to my parents who came from the UK. Travelling is not easy for them but I thought one last trip would be worthwhile to see Warsaw one more time, visit our new apartment and attend the komunia. They were last here for Zosia’s christening, nine years ago and they could see better than we can how much Warsaw has changed since then.

I only took a few photos as I was concentrating on the video – not that the concentration helped the quality! Both can be seen below.

The Photos


Zosia & friend

Waiting to go in

The whole gang

Having a laugh

At the “after party”

The (10 minute) Video

The original pictures can be found here – http://scatts.zenfolio.com/p165784836


3 thoughts on “Zosia’s komunia

  1. Some familiar place and people there – my cousin’s son was baptised in that church last year and the priest on the photo taught me religion in the high school. Not that I’m disrespectful about him, but the chap (can you call a priest ‘chap’?) is very talkative but end of day he says very little.

  2. Very nice…. interesting comparing our’s to Polands communions. Did the girls all wear the same dresses..it looked that way. They are doing that now here but little white robes for the boys and the girls to wear over their own clothes.

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