Walk the talk

I’ve noticed people generally fall into two groups when it comes to speaking on the telephone; those who walk around and those who don’t.


In our house the ladies are both walkers. The instant the mobile is at the ear the legs start working, almost as if the radiation from the phone is triggering receptors in the walking part of the brain. I’m the opposite most of the time although even for me some conversations require movement.

Zosia has had her phone for about a year now. At age 8 it was largely unused and not really understood but now age 9 it is becoming a widely used tool for communication with her girlfriends via SMS and voice. As yet email is not well developed or used. Fascinating to see the early development of what will become a large part of her life to come.

In the photo above she was taking a 15 second break in the walkabout. Below she is multi-tasking with phone and Monster High dolls!



4 thoughts on “Walk the talk

  1. okay so what are your plans for when the boys start texting and calling cause you know they will be soon.

  2. I pace around like a caged tiger. Can’t think how I managed when phones kept you on a tight leash.

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