This is summer, enjoy it while you can!

Warsaw is basking in temperatures of around 30C this weekend. Flicking through the tabs of the weather app I’m struggling to find anywhere with better weather in any part of the world.

This is good timing because we are now into what most are calling “the long weekend” which is actually a whole week of people missing from the workplace. Both the 1st and 3rd of May are bank holidays, that’s Tuesday and Thursday so many people are filling in the gaps. I’m only taking the Wednesday off but even with that I get a weekend, one day at work, three days off, one day at work, another weekend. Not bad when the temperatures are supposed to remain above 20C with sunshine.

The neighbours have been busy with terrace improvements, putting down a new wooden deck and creating a rock garden (see bottom of the photo). I’m not complaining as it all improves the view from our terrace but this place is full of people with strong opinions so I expect there will be some chattering. I’ll post separately about the goings on of our estate, perhaps on Polandian.



One thought on “This is summer, enjoy it while you can!

  1. Have fun on your long weekend. I have a permanent one now and its getting boring :( Weather here is not too great either or I would be out more. Still hibernating from Winter. New Estate looks lovely…I;m enjoying the view :P

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