Happy Birthday Zosia!

Zosia has reached the very exciting age of nine. That’s almost ten – double figures!

Birthday Girl

She’s growing up fast and the stress is at times just too much.

My head hurts!

Still, thanks to birthday presents she managed to treble her available wealth in Monster High dolls, which is mostly what she was hoping for.

As is often the case, when the week-long excitement of an impending birthday is gone she falls sick and is a bit poorly today. Might have something to do with a new phase of tooth-shedding, who knows. She’ll be fine.

At least our recent spell of great weather allows us to start making use of the terrace.

Terrace in the early spring sun


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Zosia!

  1. Lisa: Bart, my birthday’s in two days. I’m going to be eight years old. It’s a big number, almost double digits.
    Bart: Well, enjoy it while you can. Everything changes when you hit the big one-oh. Your legs start to go, candy doesn’t taste as good any more…
    Lisa: Bart, will you please let me pour my little heart out?
    Bart: Sorry, this old-timer does ramble on sometimes, don’t he.

  2. Happy Birthday Zosia….you’re growing up to be a big Ghoul.Hope your birthday was just as special as you are, Have some fun playing this game http://www.monsterhigh.com/games/food-fright

    So hard to believe time has gone by so fast. God Bless you Always and may all good things come your way. >^..^< wszystkiego najlepszego!!!
    Sto Lat

  3. Sorry I’m late replying. Zosia says thank you very much and sends a big kiss!

    Bob, thanks, it is a nice view. To the left is another “block” but not right in our face and easily disguised with about 3 trees in pots when we get round to it. I’d say we have nice view from about 60% of the terrace, okay view from another 20% and the last 20% is onto the other building. As with everything here the architecture is well thought out including the green areas and sight lines.

    In all the terrace is 25 m2 so a good size for lazing around when the good weather is here to stay.

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