Zlota 44 – update

It has been a while since we looked at how Złota 44 is progressing.

I think the main points are:

  • Topping out ceremony was held a month or two ago now. I assume that’s what it was as there was a huge fireworks display held on the roof. It should therefore not be getting any taller than it is now unless they add a spike or something.
  • Cladding is being installed. Frankly it looks pretty awful, cheap white panels and glass. I heard rumours that it was going to be much better but they needed to save money. No idea if true or false.
  • They have been for a few days now testing some illumination on the outside of the facade. From my desk I have good view of the test which has lights shining up a white panel with fluctuating colours of light. I assume this is their idea to brighten the thing up and make it look better than it does. Perhaps they are trying to match the purple and green of the PKiN?
  • The twisty shape is not actually as obvious from most directions as the original artwork suggested. The angle in the photo below (taken on Ul. Sosnowa) perhaps expresses it the best.

Złota 44 - March 2012


5 thoughts on “Zlota 44 – update

  1. I spoke to an engineer in the know, who told me once that this ‘twist’ was as moreso an effect of the facade or shell than an effect created solely with the core structure. No idea if that’s true either – it doesn’t look to me from your photos that there will be any kind of provision for building the facade ‘out’ from the building in any way. What do I know?

  2. Hi Kolin. No it doesn’t look like they are going to twisting any more than the concrete allows. Strikes me they have been engaged in some “value engineering” since the visualisations. Either that or there was a lot of artitic license in the visuals.

  3. “After the 54th floor has been completed, one more detail remains: a characteristic, steel crest-finishing of the tower. It will be developed simultaneously with the mounting of facade panels. It will be ready by spring this year but it will be mounted only after the highest-located crane (used currently for mounting of façade panels) has been removed. (Protruding crest would obstruct the works carried out with the crane.) With the crest mounted, Zlota 44 will reach its final height of 192 meters.”


    ps: here you can see it

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