TPSA perhaps the final word

Thanks to those who retained an interest and were wondering how things are going. Big public thanks to Bob who connected me with the right person.

We’re unable to get the Livebox to communicate properly with any of our Apple devices and as that’s all we have in the house it’s a bit of a problem. The Livebox is therefore packed up and will be returned to TPSA. Without Livebox we have no ability to operate a VoIP telephone so our contract will be changed to one for internet access only. The only people who ever called our home phone number were cold calling salespeople or people who dialled the wrong number so no big loss! Home phones are so last century anyway.

I have connected our old Cisco Linksys router and it seems to be doing a good job of assigning proper IP addresses to everything and holding the connections. I might look around for a better Cisco as this one is more than 2 years old but for now everything is good.

The key to getting things working was to relocate the router from the study to the wardrobe / szafa. Clearly the socket in the study is kaput, despite being newly installed. The socket in the wardrobe was a last minute idea of mine as the location is almost exactly the centre of the apartment and is the only thing made from gypsum board as opposed to something more solid. Wi-fi signal is therefore very strong throughout the whole apartment and on the terrace also, which is great. Everything is now working via wi-fi, nothing is wired in.

The even better news is that by rerouting our connection TPSA have managed to get us a 6Mbps speed internet connection. Whilst this is way below global averages and so nothing to get excited about, it is far better than the expected 1-2Mbps, which is what we had in the last apartment and what most people living on our estate have got.

Now we have a stable connection I’ve also managed to reestablish the VPN service and so have access again to the UK servers. One example of what that means is the ability to enjoy BBC TV or radio programmes not available in Poland throughout the apartment using the iPad, VPN and BBC iPlayer.

I did some speed and ping tests on the connection comparing normal neostrada connection and using the VPN to UK server.


Warsaw Server
Download – 6.05
Upload – 0.54

Gloucester UK
Download – 5.88
Upload – 1.60


Packet loss – 0%
Ping – 70 ms
Jitter – 6 ms
Overall quality grade – B

Packet loss – 0%
Ping – 34 ms
Jitter – 3 ms
Overall quality grade – A

Interesting, although they vary somewhat every time you take the test. What is consistent is the far bigger (3 x faster) upload speed using UK server so obviously that’s the way to go when I have a lot of photos or other things to upload.


4 thoughts on “TPSA perhaps the final word

  1. [quote]Home phones are so last century anyway. [/quote] All me a dinosaur then :P Works for me and way cheaper. Glad you guys are back in action. I only have one foot in ice age and the other in the 21st century.

  2. I’ve run Speed Tests before but never a Ping Test…my results were (I have DSL with Frontier) Packet Loss 0%, Ping 56 ms, Jitter 3ms and said my server is in Brooklyn

  3. Glad you got it up and running, I thought it may be the box but having never seen one didn’t want to suggest it.

    As for buying a new router as the one you have got is 2 years old? Save your money, I run on one that is 7 years old and my Internet link is 18Mb.

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