Back to nature


Although we have moved from the most isolated part of the estate to the centre and moved from ground to first floor we have not lost our connection with nature. Our new apartment backs directly onto Młociny park so from the study, Zosia’s bedroom, kitchen and terrace we have views into the park. We have not been here long and so far we have spotted deer, a wild boar and this morning a buzzard noshing on its latest catch.

The buzzard was last spotted in September 2008 but I think its grown since then. It was a nice surprise to see it this morning when opening Zosia’s blinds. Hard to miss anything so much bigger than all the other birds. They have an average lifespan of 8 years but can live for more than 20 so there is every possibility this is the same bird, or the partner of the bird we spotted in 2008.

On the basis that the wildlife here has no need to be moving to new homes, the wild boar might also be an old acquaintance, last met in May 2010 when we took a late night walk to check whether we were closer to being flooded and bumped into a big fat boar on the way!

Hard to identify the deer, there are quite a few of them in the park.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled and hopefully get some snaps to share later.

Wilderness 2


One thought on “Back to nature

  1. A view of the park beats looking at a bldg any day and for yours the anticipation of some forest creature stopping by to say hello. Id like to see that wild boar. :)

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