TPSA update

Does anyone know how to switch off the “Mac address” thing on a TPSA Livebox?

I’ve got as far as having a full set of green lights and what seems to be a strong wi-fi signal everywhere in the apartment but the devices – iMac, iPad, iPhone – just keep dropping the connection and then not being able to reconnect. I’m pretty sure it’s a Mac address issue (whatever that is!) but have no idea how to fix it.

Obviously I’ll call them tomorrow but who knows when that might spring a result.

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Thanks for any help.


2 thoughts on “TPSA update

  1. Are you asking how to stop using MAC address filtering? You can’t turn off the use of a MAC address at least not unless you really wanted to break something.

    If MAC address filtering is enabled then any device not listed in the enable/allow/ok list would be able to, I think, briefly see/connect up to the WiFi access point but then would be disconnected …more or less as you described.

    Apparently you can, with a hardware button, tell the Livebox to add a MAC address from something that is trying to connect:

    Or try turning off most/all of the security garbage:

    It looks like that under Security there is “Associated Devices” …you could try manually adding (if that’s an option?) the MAC address of your iPhone or iMac or whatever there.

    Basic setup instructions if you need ’em:

    Mac wireless setup instructions:

    If that all doesn’t work …email me, Ian.

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