Today was Vatican day. A relatively early start got us in the Museum in plenty of time for our 09:30 tour of the gardens. You can only see the gardens as part of a guided tour for security reasons. Our group was seven people so very easy to follow. It gives you an interesting alternative viewpoint on Vatican city and our guide, Texan/Italian, made the most of it.

The ticket also included entry to the museums and Sistine chapel so we wound our way through the maze of sculptures and paintings. Most of the time the building itself is more impressive than the exhibits.

After exiting the museum we walked around to St Peter’s square and then into the basilica. Yes, we did “do” the tomb of John Paul II, now upstairs in the main arena flanked by Popes, Pius XI and Pius XII.

To top off a religious day we had dinner with a priest, old school friend of M, who has been here for six years and is currently finishing off his doctorate based somewhere on the Aventine hill.








3 thoughts on “Vatican

  1. A Texan/Italian? That surely makes for a very loud mix if not extremely volatile (think aged dynamite sweating nitroglycerine).

  2. A Texan/Italian? would that be like a slow southern Italian drawl accent? ( when the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie that’s amore)

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