A few snaps from yesterday, including the Trevi fountain, Spanish Steps and views of the Pantheon from our hotel.

Dress code here is mixed. The Romans, smart ones at least, walk around with jackets and ties, waistcoats, light outer jacket, heavy topcoat, scarves, hats, glasses, pipe or cigar, shiny shoes. The gypsies selling this year’s hit of flying illuminated plastic crap are mostly wearing jeans and sweatshirts that have not been washed for a month or two with an anorak and sneakers. The tourists are wearing all sorts of stuff depending on where they come from, which seems to be predominantly Australia. I asked an Aussie couple who wanted me to snap them why there were so many of their country folk here and was told it might be the exchange rate.

Weather is a mix of sunshine and cloud. No rain as yet, unlike Paris last year. When the sun is out it’s pretty warm and when not it can be quite chilly so you end up dressing in layers so you can adjust as the day goes by.

Post about today’s adventures coming soon.







4 thoughts on “Attractions

  1. Italians wear winter coats once it dips below about 22C. I observed this when in Venice in October a few years back. We saw ’em wearing winter coats and scarves when the weather was 20+ …and we were in shorts and t-shirts. Crazy but true.

  2. yes I guess I should never assume. I was thinking warmer balmy Mediteranean weather. 54F..brrrr but great for sightseeing.

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