Hello Rome!

We arrived yesterday and apart from an unbelievably long wait for bags at Fiumicino the taxi, plane, bus, taxi journey went pretty well.

We were last here in 2001 when we were located very close to the Vatican, which is increasingly unclose to everything else. We walked ourselves to death and I made a note that next time we would be more centrally based. So, this time we’re sleeping right next door to the Pantheon (picture taken from hotel front door). We’ve also decided to take it easy, so no running around like lunatics trying to see everything. It is Zosia’s first time here so we’ll do the big ones – colosseum, forum, Vatican, steps, fountains – and the rest will be incidental to cafes, restaurants and watching the Romans go by.

The only organised event is a tour of the Vatican gardens booked for Thursday and after that we can go on and do the museum, basilica, JPII tomb and so forth.

Weather is a considerable improvement on Warsaw, as you’d expect.

More later.

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One thought on “Hello Rome!

  1. Okay…here I go again being green with envy. Another great vacation ahead. Zosia is a lucky little well traveled young lady. You will have to let us know what is her favorite so far. Looking forward to your Italian adventures in Roma. Ciao :)

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