Happy new Year everyone!

A short message to wish you all a very Happy New Year in 2012. May the highs be high, the lows be few and the middle stuff be not quite as boring as it was in 2011!

I’ll write more next year – I promise! The “annual report” I just got from WordPress says I posted only 58 times in 2011 – pathetic! For one thing I’ll have more time on my hands now that we’ve moved into the new place, a process that has occupied a great deal of spare time for one reason or another since August. We moved in on 20 December as planned. Then 600kg of Indian granite kitchen worktop turned up the following day and messy work continued for a couple more days getting stuff hooked up and working before everyone disappeared and we had a little Christmas peace. Still a few significant things to be sorted out, like showers that flood the bathroom and toilets with no seat but one bathroom is functional and I’m sure the other things will be fixed soon so all’s well.

My wishes for 2012 – to be able to enjoy a raindrop shower in my new apartment & for the bills to finally stop arriving for the renovation works!

The slideshow is a mixed bag; evolution of a kitchen, church on Christmas Day, Zosia as a Transformer, how to fix a massive 50kg mirror on the wall (completed today using my own special powers of kombinować engineering!), getting used to 2 new hobs (one flex-induction and one regular hot electric), view from new terrace towards the old place, Nelson wondering whether to jump (he did once but is now more cautious and we are teaching him to go out the door and down the stairs like everyone else), the wall of mystery (how to organise the “media wall” with TV & music devices – more complicated than you think).

Enjoy this evening and as usual, let’s all spare a thought at this time of hyper-jollity for those less fortunate or for whatever reason unable to enjoy this time of year.

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6 thoughts on “Happy new Year everyone!

  1. Thanks for your New Year wishes, Scatts – heartily reciprocated. 58 posts isn’t pathetic, it’s solid. I managed only 41 in 2011.

    Love Nelson.

    All good wishes for 2012


  2. Just 58 postings, you’ve beaten me in terms of sluggishness, I posted 70 times in 2011.

    Hope you’re on home straight with finishing your place. Catch up with blogging in 2012.

    Appreciate the last paragraph, this what happy, well-off people should be sensitive to.

  3. Happy New Year to you and another great year of reading 20 east. Looks like you were very busy in 2011 ..love the new kitchen especially the island as does M I imagine. All the best to you and yours in 2012.


  4. A new granite worktop in the kitchen… Pretty soon, all who use it will start develop mystery holes in their clothing where it comes into contact with the front surface of the worktop (from leaning over for food preparation). What happens is that microscopic sharpnesses in the granite nick the clothes (google granite worktops holes in clothing).

    My sister-in-law was mystified by these holes for years before getting to the bottom of it!

  5. We’ll look out for that, Michael but as we don’t prepare food it shouldn’t be a problem! ;)

    Our stonemason has put a pretty good chamfer on the edges though so this might help. No 90 degree angles to make matters worse.

  6. I don’t prepare food either (not for one) but decided to do some for today. I was chopping onions and as my eyes started to tear I remembered on of the cooking shows I was watching said to chew on a toothpick. So I grabbed one and it did seem to make my eyes stop tearing. :)

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