Some time, some time, my kingdom for some time!

It’s been so long since the last post even my own blog had logged me out but I asked nicely and it let me back in again.

It’s surprising how much can happen in more than a month, which is why nothing has made its way on here despite promises to myself to just post some regular thoughts on whatever going on. I’m never short of thoughts but combining those with the time and inclination to share them is not as easy as it sounds. I’m now in limbo cafe waiting for Zosia to finish what must be getting close to her 200th ballet lesson so I can finish this draft and publish from the iPhone.

A selection of what has been going on:

  • Bought an apartment, demolished it and started putting it back together again.
  • Missed the 4th anniversary of “20 east” – born 20 October, 2007.
  • Hosted a 3 day conference in Warsaw
  • Been on a 6 day holiday to the UK
  • Been on a 3 day wedding party in Mazury
  • Watched the shares in the company I work for collapse from 20p to 3p (a few days after I bought some of them!). Then bought even more of them at 2.79p and now waiting to see what happens next with the ongoing saga of us establishing a new and better future. December 6th is a key date.
  • Witnessed the inevitable departure of a couple of Euro-zone leaders
  • Been very surprised to read about Independence Day riots in Warsaw – although seems to have been mostly Germans causing the trouble.
  • Dealt with 3 birthdays, 1 name day, 2 bank holidays & 1 wedding anniversary (ours).
  • Worried about my uncle dying of cancer, visited him and recently heard that sadly he will not make his birthday on 1 December and I have another 3 day trip to England on the horizon.
  • Made a few IT improvements at home – new scanner/printer (Brother DCP-J315W) and installed an Apple ‘Time Capsule’. Both seem good so far.

That’s not a crazy list but it contains at least three of the top five highest stress situations so perhaps that’s had an effect?

How are you guys doing?

10 thoughts on “Some time, some time, my kingdom for some time!

  1. Had a tyroidectomy 11/4 (all went extremely well and recouperating) down side
    Laid off as soon as I mentioned DBL..(need to go on Short Term disibility) Thats when they told me by the way that is also your last day to work here. Coinsidence no but can I prove it…probably not. (still looking to work so hopefully I find something again and it doesn’t take me 3yrs like last time)

    Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving. Next day went to Niagara Falls to Casino to meet up with my godchild and her brother.(used the bus to casino cause you pay for the bus trip but they give you the money at casino right back tp play with so beats ddriving, tolls, looking for parking especially when yesterday was Black Fiday…and no didn’t win but was luckier last week when I went to gamble)

    10/29…turned 65 so now I have a Medicare card…Yipeee (not) upside I get a Silver Sneaker membership from my HMO which entitles me to free gym membership
    at YMCA, Golds Gym or Curves (Yes!!!)

    Sorry to hear about your uncle. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

  2. Scatts, good you’re back with us and that you’ve got this burden off your chest.

    Need to meet up before Xmas

    Best wishes to you, your wife and daughter

  3. Good to hear from you again, Ian. Yes,it is a crazy list and adequately explains your long period off air. Hope things simmer down soon. Is the apartment instead of your country retreat or as well as?

  4. Chris – serious competition there for “the busiest month”!

    Wishing you a speedy recovery and luck in finding some employment in far less than three years.

  5. Country retreat? I wish. Babcia has a house in the woods, perhaps that’s what you’re thinking of?

    This will be our only residence and is in the same place as where we live now, just a different apartment as the one we are in was not for sale (despite suggestions that it would be). It’s actually better than this one so in the end a good result. I’ll do a longer post on it when we’re in, so sometime close to or just after Christmas all being well.

    I suppose it might be classified as being in the countryside even thought it is 20 minutes from the equivalent of London’s Marble Arch. The nearest comparison might be Hampstead Heath?

  6. Tough competition…naw…but us Poles are tough. Glad you finally showed up. We were starting to get withdrawal pains. (well at least I was)

    Good luck with your new apartment Scatts. Can’t wait to see the new one. The old one is not too shabby either. Good luck with all the remodeling too. When do you move in or are you already there?

  7. Ian – thanks for changing the look of your home page. I was starting to be concerned that there were serious consequences following the “The Hangover 3 – Kac Warszawa”! :)

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