Złote sunshine

What can you do with weather like this? One minute you need a coat, the next a T-Shirt.

More than once recently I’ve been caught out by the cold misty morning that turns into a summer’s day and leaves you ill prepared for the rest of the day. Not complaining too much as it’s nice to still be able to catch a few rays and do things like spending a lunchtime with Lon outdoors on the terrace at Zlote T.

Lon is the latest “ex-pat” to decide that Warsaw, Poland should be his home, duration of stay as yet undetermined but I suspect it might be long. He’s busy getting himself settled in to the work and social scenes and is keen to write so you might expect something soon from him as a guest writer on Polandian. You never know, he may even start up his own blog.

Coming up……..the most exciting thing this week….Tupperware arrives in Warsaw!! Toot Toot!!



6 thoughts on “Złote sunshine

  1. Weather is the same here and I am enjoying every minute of it. Not too normal for this time of year to have high 70’s (F) It’s still like summer. The trees are just starting to turn gold on some none have peaked here as yet. (except raining now)

    Is that the terrace on top of Zlote T you are talking about. Not too shabby. I imagine you get a nice view of Warsaw from the tops of those bldgs.

    So Tupperware is coming to Warsaw. I remember when I first got married I was invited to tupperware parties (only way you could buy it) and I think I own all of them from way back then (64). One of my favorite pieces is a large oval piece I use for steaming asparagus in the microwave. They don’t make it anymore but sometimes you can locate on ebay. I am not a plastic person when it comes to serving food but I like it for transporting and picnics where you would not want to bring breakable stuff. Walmart put Rubbermaid out of business (which is why I don’t shop there anymore) I hope Wally mart never hits Polish soil.

  2. Chris, so you were a Tupperware Groupy, eh? Back in the swinging sixties! I think these Tupperware parties need a little deeper investigation….I don’t think it was all about plastic containers!


  3. My parents might own some Tupperware with a capital “T” but I prefer Lock-and-Lock containers which, thankfully, you can easily find here.

    BTW: I’d suggest a combination of a hat/scarf and possibly a light coat. Quite a lot of heat loss occurs from your head so it is possible to stay fairly warm by covering that area up. That sort of stuff is also quite easy to take off and stash in a rucksack as the day warms up.

  4. Yes….I use to be a Tupperware groupie. Graduated to fine china…LOL long time ago. Lock n Lock I don’t own any but watch the presentations on QVC when they are on. That’s how I know about them. I personally use the small Glad TO Go which you can toss after a few uses or don’t mind if they are not returned. They are so cheap to use or lose.

    Brad he left his chopka on the patio chair. My mom still asks me “where is you hat” I am not ready to look like a “babcia”..yet!!!

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