Weekend drivers

Driving in Warsaw is always fun but at the weekends the whole circus comes to town.

The new ballet season has started so we get to come to Moliera every Saturday and as usual after dropping Zosia we take breakfast at Pędzący Królik. Walking to the café this morning I encountered a perfect storm of weekend drivers waiting at the lights.

Three cars in a row standing still at the lights, which were green of course. The one in front had overshot earlier and was so far past the lights that he could not see that they had changed. The one behind was busy on the mobile and the one behind that was daydreaming. By the time they realized they could go the lights were changing causing them to react swiftly through red lights.

Sadly, this was all too much for one of them who found himself unable to navigate a corner easy enough for a chimp in a Panzer. He rammed his wheel into and up the curb whereupon a loud hissing sound spread across Plac Teatralny.

Here he is in the photo, behind the bike, wondering how to fix his flat while we enjoy our scrambled eggs and latte in the sunshine to the sounds of Vivaldi from a classical concert being given in a marquee on the square.



8 thoughts on “Weekend drivers

  1. I hope he sits there all day so he will learn a lesson. This is one of the main reasons I believe that I have become phobic to driving the past few years. First it was road rage and now more common are texters and cell conversations while driving. It gets worse by the day and I doubt it will change. Like the little robot says: Warning warning!! Danger danger!!!

  2. Heinous crimes? Texting and speaking on mobiles and ignoring speed limits. And what part of “Maximum speed limit 50 km/h” do you not get, O impatient Warsaw drivers? Weekend drivers – at least they spend the week not driving!

  3. The motor car has ruined the world. Every town and village in England is wrecked by it. Every country lane is now hell. People cannot stroll. Children risk death daily. It is all madness. And still we have morons like Clarkson who drivel on about Ferraris.

    Scatts – you forget to mention the fumes that were also part of your alfresco breakfast.

  4. I say we go back to horse and cart but even then I guarantee you that;

    1/ People would be driving them badly on the weekends.
    2/ People would break the speed limit / rules of horsemanship on the public carriageway.
    3/ There would be a Clarkson equivalent banging on about racehorses.
    4/ The breakfast ambiance would include horse shit/piss as opposed to fumes.

  5. Surely ‘weekend drivers’ are an anachronistic myth? Nearly everyone now drives seven days a week, though perhaps driving somewhere different at the weekend.

  6. There is without any shadow of a doubt a significant deterioration in the standard of driving on Saturday and Sunday versus Mon-Fri. In Warsaw at least.

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