Warsaw Metro 2

The second line of the Warsaw metro is under construction, has been since last year in fact but apart from closed streets and traffic mess there has not been much to see. Today, I drove past what will be Rondo Daszyńskiego station (number 1 in the sketch below) and spotted a clean and sparkly tunnel machine ready to be assembled and sent underground to carve out the new sardine transporter. Line 2 is using a different tunneling technology from Line 1, apparently, in an attempt to cut the construction time down from 25 years to about 4!

Warsaw Metro Line 2

I did my best to grab some shots on the move with the Blackberry. They’re not great but hopefully give you the general idea.

Line 2 is supposed to cost roughly 6 billion zloty of which half is coming from the EU. Original intention to be finished in time for Euro 2012 but now going to be late 2013, early 2014.

You can find better pictures and a whole lot more (in Polish) on the offical web page of the Metro – HERE.

5 thoughts on “Warsaw Metro 2

  1. I’ve worked there (in that buidling) for eight months. If you happen to pop in there (you mentioned the fit-out project during the May blogmeet), do let me know and maybe we’ll finally meet up!

  2. Ian
    As a new user of public transport… mostly the trams here in Warsaw this project is starting to drive me nuts… as a new inhabitant I’m a bit nuts with all the changes to lines. There is not a bus or tram that does not have sign announcing some sort of route change… which of course I can’t read. Many a day I think I am going right and tram goes left or some such thing. Right now going through another remaping of my brain when it come to transport. As my dear friend B says its all the Mayors fault…. I have come to realize Warsaw public transport is awful. But guess beets sitting in a car. I have seen the tunnel machine..is impressive…. kind of waiting for the link up with the chunnel to begin. :)

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