Christmas is here!

I watched the television. I checked the calendar. Yes, the Christmas adverts have already started on Sky TV and it is only 10 September.

Repeatedly shown in the breaks between the still fascinating footage being shown for the 10th anniverssary of 9/11 was an advert for coupons you can collect if you buy The Sun newspaper in the UK. Collect enough of them and you can trade them in for a range of exciting (ho ho ho) gifts you can give as presents to people you don’t like too much this Christmas.

I can’t remember Christmas advertising arriving quite so early before. Retailers are desperate to boost sales and many people will welcome the chance to snap up some almost free gifts so I can see the sense in the general idea but do we really need to get into the Christmas spirit when summer hasn’t even quite finished? I do hope this isn’t a sign of us being bombarded with this crap continuously for the next four months or so.


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