Back to school

Yesterday was the opening day of the new school year and as usual it consisted of nothing more than a ceremony and a short gathering in the classroom. The rest of the day was free and lessons started today.

At Zosia’s school the ceremony is held in the large auditorium used by the university that is located on the same site. All the parents and children gather along with heads of the school, teachers, local Mayors, priests and other invited dignitaries. There’s a speech by the school president, another by the headmaster, another from one of the clebs. The flag arrives and departs with everyone upstanding, the national anthem is sung. At the end there is usually a short concert organised by the highly excitable music teacher. This year was a string quartet playing jazz classics and a slice of ‘Winter” from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

People generally seemed to be paying less attention than last year. More background noise and not just from the bored kids.

Following this we wander over to Zosia’s class where we get to meet her new teacher who I think is called Katarzyna. She seemed nervous, I suppose understandable. She’s back to work after having time out to have a baby replacing the last teacher who has just left to have her baby. Not much to do in the class aside from collect the 17kg pack of books and walk it back to my car before heading to work. The ladies and kids all go off for coffee and ice-cream!


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