The day we both broke our feet

What are the odds of both Marta and myself breaking our feet on the same day in separate incidents? A gazillion to one? The chance we both broke our feet in the same incident would be much higher I expect but here’s what actually happened.

Circa 11:00 – I am walking out of the study and manage to somehow hit the bottom of the sofa with my left foot, pretty hard. There’s a tiny cracking sound and a lot of pain. It’s difficult to walk but I assume it’s just a bad knock and carry on.

Circa 15:00 – We are out visiting the flea market in Plac Unpronounceable (more below). On the way out Marta falls awkwardly on a step and does something to her right foot. She also had difficulty walking.

We go home and hope it all goes away.

Circa 17:00 – my toe has turned a nasty shade of purple and Marta’s foot has developed a large hump. We decide to call Medicover.

Medicover, in their usual efficient manner, explain that we can see a Polish speaking quack on Tuesday or an English speaking one in more than a weeks time. Why do they bother, really? They still have far more customers than they have quacks. I’d love to compare their customer to quack ratio versus BUPA or another international private health service.

We explain that perhaps this won’t wait that long and so are told to go to their hospital in Wilanów between 20:00 and midnight. Wilanów is the other end of the universe from us but on a Sunday it wasn’t too bad. We get there are about 20:30 and there’s already a big queue for the one orthopedic guy on duty. Roughly two hours later we have managed to see the quack, have X-Rays taken by possibly the most miserable x-ray guy/woman (wasn’t clear) in the world, queue for a second time for the quack, get the verdict and leave. As an added bonus, they have a good collection of mosquitoes down there and I managed to donate a litre of blood whilst waiting!

Marta has damaged the lateral ligaments/tendons on her right foot. I have fractured one of the intermediate phalange bones in my left foot. Neither of us needs a plaster cast. Marta needs RICE – rest, ice, compression, elevation. I need R, I and E (going to be difficult at work) as well as strapping two toes together (and therefore wearing a funky shoe) and also a series of injections in my stomach to prevent blood clots, apparently. Funny how when I fractured my ankle all those years back I never needed any shots then. This must be medical progress for you. My damage might be fixed in two weeks, Marta closer to three, if we behave.

A propos the flea market. There is a thriving and well organised gang of ‘hippy types’ who roam Warsaw selling assorted handicrafts and other stuff in various places. They can be found in the upcoming ‘Greenwich Village’ area of town, AKA Praga, and many were also at this market. It’s not all worth buying but much of it is and it was nice to see in Warsaw more imagination than we saw during the whole 2 weeks in Tuscany.

Warsaw flea market 1

Warsaw flea market 2



3 thoughts on “The day we both broke our feet

  1. Gotta be smarter than your own feet (or the ground, depending on your perspective), guys. :)

    PS: since I have no illusions about how smart I am, I almost always wear steel-toe Dr. Martens boots and am ok… or sandals and curse freely as needed.

    PPS: get well fast!

    PPPS: At least Zosia managed to not do her own feet in.

  2. Oh crap. Been there, done that, got the X-ray. Not fun. That really is extraordinarily bad luck. :-( Painful as hell and crippling. I hope you at least got some time off work with this?

    Get well fast!

  3. No time off work but at my own request as I’m just back from holiday and cannot afford any more time away. The longer I’m out of the office, the more chance people have to bugger things up!

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