Day X

Nothing exciting at all today. Mooching around the place, found one of those old Italian 3 wheeled trucks, watched the damsel flies over the mill stream and the lizards scooting about in the heat. Was over 30C today and predicted to be the same until we leave but still very pleasant here in the evenings.

Popped down the road to the communal pool for a few hours and then into Fivizzano for dinner at the “posh” restaurant. Minestrone soup, local style, not the red coloured water with a few carrots floating around. Followed by roast pork, fresh veggies and those dumpling things that I normally don’t like but these weren’t too bad. Couple of different ice-creams for desert. With wine and water it all came to €63. Double the price of the other places in town and not, frankly speaking worth it, but not too bad and still a lot less than you’d pay in Lucca, Pisa, wherever.

Busy couple of days coming up to get us into training for a return to the grindstones. Cinque Terre tomorrow starting with the 09:26 train from Aulla station and then a sort of wrap-up day of all the bits we didn’t do so far on Thursday. We’ll then have a free choice of what to do on Friday before we leave on Saturday.

So far, so good. La dolce vita!


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