Scorpion day

The Tuscan Killer Scorpion!

No shortage of wildlife in these parts!

As with bats and London buses, you see none for years and then two arrive at the same time. Last night as I went to bed I was confronted by a scorpion on the bedroom wall. After much balancing on a rickety chair with a spatula and an empty tea-bag box I managed to chuck him out the window.

Then, no more than an hour ago Marta found another one in the bathroom sitting on the toilet paper. This one didn’t get the soft-shoe treatment and is now resting in that scorpion nest in the sky.

We’re going to keep the windows closed.

Stay tuned for more updates from the Tuscan jungle & if we don’t come home, you know why!

8 thoughts on “Scorpion day

  1. Nice. BTW, did you know that, generally speaking, the smaller a scorpion is the more deadly the scorpion sting tends to be? True story.

    Personally, I would have considered getting a can of aerosol deodorant or hairspray or napalm and roasting the first offender alive and putting it on a pike outside of the rented place. They’d understand. Same goes for spiders and bees. If they ain’t paying rent yet are inside their lives are forfeit. All others (moths, flies, bread ties, dust bunnies, ghosts, stray molecules) merely have to escape the cats and/or exceed their attention span.

  2. but first you had to take a picture of him? I would have been freaking out then would have done what Marta did …kill the sucker demon (even though I am a Scorpion in the zodiacal sky) ;D

  3. A man after my own heart. Endanger the whole family for the sake of a good photograph!

    What you need is a pack of prairie dogs! But closing the window is also a good idea…in fact I’m surprised you didn’t do it after finding the first scorpion…

  4. No, we had two windows open at the same time, our bedroom and the bathroom, and during that relatively short time an entire family of scorpions decided to move in!

    I just read that scorpions can live for two days under water and not eat for a year and leap tall buildings in a single bound…….these bastards are invincible!

  5. Kudos for taking the picture. Such clues definitely make writing a coroner’s report much easier. ;-)

    In reality, I’d guess it’s probably only a Euscorpius germanus, which like all Euscorpii are harmless to humans. Although you may well get injured while trying to GTFO at warp speed over wet tiles…

    NIce travelogue by the way. I’ve been to some of the places you mention, but not yet to Genoa. You seem to confirm what the few of my friend who’ve ventured there say – worth a detour at best.

    Dobranoc, wszystkie pchły na noc, karaluchy pod poduchy i skorpiony za balkony! ;-)

  6. Now just you listen here, Brad Zimmerman. If it weren’t for spiders the surface of the earth would be covered in flies to a depth of two feet. No one should ever kill a spider.

    Scatts – cool, getting the photo first. My wife would have been very uncool about that. I think my enthusiasm for the whole place would have taken a nosedive, but as nothing compared to the first snake’s appearance.

    Give me Genoese whores any day. You know where you are with them.

  7. @ Stephen: “Give me Genoese whores any day. You know where you are with them.”

    So you’d rather have crabs than scorpions?

  8. Outsider, thanks for the kind words. I’m pretty sure they were European scorpions so the worst might have been a bad but short lived wasp-like sting. I didn’t know that until after the event though and I checked them out on the www.

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