Lunigiana, Tuscany

Take a map of Italy. Draw two lines – one from Parma (home of the ham) to Carrara (home of the marble) and the other from La Spezia (second deepest natural harbour in the Med) to Modena (birthplace of Enzo Ferrari and Luciano Pavarotti). Where the lines meet is (roughly) where we are based for the next couple of weeks.

We flew to Bologna on Saturday with Wizz Air, uneventful as always. Got ripped off for extra insurance with the car hire company, nothing new there. This was our decision to avoid the long drive we had two years ago but it’s not much of a choice really – you either have a two day drive and use your own car for the holiday or you have a 90 minute flight, a short drive, pay €1,200 (flight and car hire) and drive a Lancia Delta. I’ll reserve final judgement on which is best until we get home.

This area has a lot to offer and plans are afoot as to what the Scattergood family will be getting up to aside from the primary aim of relaxing. Early draft of the holiday plan can be seen in one of the attached photos :-)

So far we have explored the immediate area, done some “white water walking” down the river and twice been in the ‘plunge pool’, a large container formerly used to hold the olive oil from the mill but now converted into a small pool full of bracing mountain river water. It’s fine when your body has moved all blood vessels away from the surface and if you’ve as much blubber as I have!

Apartment is great. With two bedrooms and bathroom upstairs and a lounge/dining plus kitchen on the ground floor. Views are all out to the gardens, mill stream or river and there’s a covered outdoor terrace right by the front door.

More to follow.


One thought on “Lunigiana, Tuscany

  1. Ciao…..lucky you three. My brothers GF just did Tuscany this spring. They went to Voltera, Firenze, San Gimignano and Florencia.

    Enjoy your trip :)

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