Winehouse ringtone dilemma

Now that Amy has sadly passed away and joined the ranks of the “27 Club” I’m left with something of a dilemma.

My ring tone for a while now has been a clip from Me & Mr Jones, the part where she sings “What kind of fuckery is this!”. Appropriate enough for most of my calls – except for those from my beautiful wife of course.

What am I to do now?

  1. Keep it because I like it.
  2. Change it as a mark of repsect.
  3. Keep it as a mark of respect.
  4. Lay some flowers near my telephone and invite news broadcasters around.

Your wisdom and guidance in such matters would be appreciated.

Funny, we were only talking about this the other week. Marta commented that Winehouse was due to perform in Bydgoszcz on 30 July and maybe we should go. I suggested that she probably won’t even turn up – not sure if this was before or after the Serbian farce. Then it was confirmed that Grace Jones would be replacing Winehouse for the Bydgoszcz gig. And now this.

Goodness only knows who amongst those who paid to see Winehouse would be happy to be instead confronted with the unbridled lunacy that is Grace Jones! Okay, she may actually be able to perform but it’s hardly even close to the same vibe. I suppose Grace was available at short notice….and cheap.


12 thoughts on “Winehouse ringtone dilemma

  1. Two points/questions:

    First, what do you use for Mrs. S’s ringtone?

    Second, for anyone who doesn’t know you but hears your ringtone and recognizes it, you will either have to explain to them that “I had this before she OD’d” or have them thinking you are some sort of odd hipster.

  2. I think that’s one vote to change it.

    Mrs Scatts would normally have her own ringtone but whenever I tried the two-tone system recently my ears have trouble tuning in to the second (Mrs S) tone with distressing results. ;)

  3. Funny how I said in my last post that the last decade didn’t produce any musician of merit. Well, here’s a very talented one I’m discovering too late. I had of course heard about miss Winehouse, but only in the context of her drug abuse, and assumed she was just another Britney Spears clone. Now that everybody’s talking about her, I decided to check out her music and I have to say she was outstanding. Her voice was incredible, how the hell could I have overlooked her for so long?

    Keep that ringtone, man. I vote for option 1. :)

  4. Show somne respect…keep it. Why do we always loose the greats (and usually to drugs) 27 was much to early to leave us. Such a waste of talent. RIP, Amy Winehouse.

  5. Changing it would not be a mark of respect, quite the opposite, Keeping it would, and you like it already. So keep it, then change it whenever you would have done if Amy were still alive.

  6. Try the William Shatner version. Now _there’s_ a tragedy. Urgency is built in – you’ll want it to stop as soon as possible.

  7. Checked both of them out, they’re pretty good, thanks! Not quite in the league of Winehouse IMO, but not bad at all!

  8. I guess you’ve already made up your mind but if it were my ringtone and I liked it I would absolutely keep it. Seriously, if someone gets upset because you have a dead musician’s voice as your ringtone then they need to have their heads examined and you needn’t bother with what they think anyway!

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