School Festival 2011

Zosia’s school held their annual ‘festyn’ or family picnic yesterday. You could have known this was happening by looking at the rain clouds that had gathered in anticipation. Thankfully the falling water was restricted to before and after the event itself so it didn’t spoil the day.

These events are well attended and pretty well put together with a lot of hard work from the teachers and pupils alike. Doesn’t stop them getting a bit boring for the parents after an hour or so but we hung on in there for a full 4 hours munching our way through grilled sausages, candy floss and smalec (bread and dripping) while taking in the cornucopia of attractions laid on for our benefit.

A few shots of Zosia dressing up with her mate:

After surviving the festyn we headed off to check out a ‘Motor Targ’ where we met up with Mike (Yellerbelly) and Alex to check out the motor bikes on display and for sale. Some interesting stuff and lot of cack. The Indian made Royal Enfield was interesting to see and this ‘Mods’ version of a scooter parked outside.

After that all that was left was the extravaganza of the Champions League final where possibly the best team I’ve ever seen (Barcelona) made Man United look like West Ham United.


2 thoughts on “School Festival 2011

  1. I especially enjoyed the photo of Zosia and her friend in the “king and queen” scene. What a great idea. I am passing that on to some of my teacher friends that teach her age group.

  2. Quite right Barcelona made Man Utd look like West Ham United.

    Can you imagine how they would have made West Ham look?

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