Warsaw blog-meeting report

Wot, no beer?

I’ll apologise about the picture first of all. I took my camera with every intention of capturing the “crowd” at its peak but the peak came and went before I remembered to take a photo so this encapsulates the place but not all the people. Getting the awards for “hanging on ’till the bitter end” are – the Zimmermans, the Richardsons, Michael, Kolin, my wife and three children (belonging to us and the Richardson family) who were elsewhere bothering guests who had paid for nice quiet meal.

The venue was fine, plenty of space, centrally located, very good food & wine, good service and reasonable prices although I think the lack of beer might rule it out for future meets. I was impressed by them calling me earlier in the day to see if we wanted to move inside instead of the garden as the weather had taken a turn for the worse.

Damien was kind enough to bring along 7 month old baby Mia for everyone to play with while Paulina helped Kolin and Paddy with their Polish homework. There appeared to be a lot of chatting going on on just about every subject from “Why do Poles open businesses in the UK” to Polish conjunctivitis verbs to blogging.

The complete list of attending bloggers and their associated blogs is (in no particular order):


Brad – Polandian

Bartek – Politics, Economy, Society

Kolin – Borsuk na Pradze


Paddy – Pozdrowienia z Ursynowa

Mike – Yellerbelly

Damien – Peacenik Hurler

Steve – Młochów (Mwo-hoov): Life and Times Outside Warsaw

Thanks to everyone who took the time to come along and watch this space for the next one – likely to be Oct-Dec (ish) at Bagelmama in Kraków (if they have beer).

Actually, it’s not a bad idea to have these meetings every month because then I don’t have to write any proper blog posts! :-)

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