Blog meet – finding the place

Entrance from Długa

Just a quickie. I popped in there yesterday to check we can fit more than 15 people easily and it looks like that’s not a problem. They have plenty of room inside and out so whatever the weather is doing we should be fine. Bad news is that they have NO BEER, so we”ll all just have to be civilised for once in our lives! :-)

They don’t exactly advertise themselves loudly on the street so above is a picture of where you’re headed for. The part of Długa you want is not the one nearest the old town (uprising monument, army church) but the one across the traffic lights from there that leads up to Bankowy. It’s about half way up there on the left hand side.

Okay, that’s it from me we’re off to ballet lessons and see you there later.

9 thoughts on “Blog meet – finding the place

  1. Thanks for organising and making my debut a comfortable and enjoyable one. I had a great time. I might even get the finger out and start blogging again, this time concentrating on experiences in Warsaw/Poland rather than whining about the world:-)

  2. Many thanks from the Yellerbelly clan. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and I look forward to the next one. Unanimously voted to be in Krakow I believe?

  3. Ian – thanks a lot for organising the day, I really enjoyed talking to everyone there and I look forward to the next one.

    I will also message you about the moolah to your walky-talky device.


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