Warsaw blog meeting – confirmation and details

Hi there,

My calendar reminded me that the blog meeting is scheduled for THIS SATURDAY and that it was about time I reminded everyone and disclosed the secret location! The good news is that it is still very much ON and that my phone keeps telling me that it will be 17C and sunny.

Please pass the word to those closest to you in case they don’t read this blog as often as they clearly should! :-)

So, to recap:

Date – This Saturday, May 7

Time – 15:00. I’ve booked space for 10-15 people from this time so please at least a few of you turn up sort of on time or it will be embarrassing! I fought hard and got a reservation in the garden.

PlaceEnoteka Polska, Restauracja, winiarnia i sklep, ul. Długa 23/25, 00-238 Warszawa, tel. 22 831 34 43, www.enotekapolska.pl

It was awarded Best Wine Bar 2010 so with a bit of luck they haven’t gone downhill in the last 5 months. The menu looks fine and prices are reasonable. I assume they have piwo as well as wine or Jamie will be seriously pissed off!

Perhaps leave a comment just to confirm attendance (and how many of you) so I can adjust the numbers up or down accordingly. From my side we’ll be the three of us as before. Wives, floozies, children, grandmothers….all welcome.

Really looking forward to seeing you all, either again or for the first time!

Muchos, amigos!


28 thoughts on “Warsaw blog meeting – confirmation and details

  1. I had arranged dinner with some people for this Saturday but they’re umming and ahhing about coming, so I will prod them today and if they aren’t coming, then I am a definite for 15.00. So as it stands I am definitely maybe. Unhelpfully yours, Paddy

  2. Count me in as a first timer. I’m also scared of bloggers. I’ll bring my wife and 2 children as my protection detail.

    Any swings, slides or sandpits? Not thinking about the kids when I ask this…

  3. One has to ask why did you arrange dinner on the same day as the blog meeting anyway?

    Dinner can be anytime but blog meetings are rare and special events. ;-)

  4. I shall turn up. Although the eatery is slightly not my kind (despite all awards) and the number of attendees is slightly freightening.

    See you on Saturday.

  5. Bart, well done! See you there!

    We’re up to 15 definite (inc 3 kids) plus 2 possibles (Mrs Kolin + Paddy). I might pop in there tomorrow and check out the table arrangements.

  6. Hmm. Thanks Paddy. So upon receipt of that news, Mrs. Kolin confirmed that she will NOT be in attendance. Maybe if Paddy stays home next time she will have the courage to face the hoard.

  7. Seen as I haven’t written anything on my blog since January (my baby’s fault) I’m not sure whether I have forfeited my right to attend such a meeting. Anyhow, I just found out about it today and once I can convince my missus I’m not galavanting elsewhere then I’ll try to make it. It seems you have already met the desired/required number of 15, so I will bring an inflatable cushion for myself.

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