Rude awakening

I woke as usual before seven this morning but decided to go back to bed and a little extra sleep, having taken a day off today. This was all going very well until at 08:40 I was rudely awakened by the sound of very loud ‘cracking’ followed by an even louder ‘thump’ just outside the bedroom window.

In that fog of just having woken up I wasn’t really sure what the hell was going on so I peeked out the window and saw a lot of tree laying where it shouldn’t be. On further investigation it’s clear that a Poplar tree (grey or white, not sure) had suffered a serious structural failure on one of its main branches and that this branch had fallen to earth, unfortunately taking parts of various other trees with it on the way down. You can see how close from this photo, the smaller of our bedroom windows is to the right of the purple azalea.

This tree had already dropped a large branch I think a year or two ago after a severe storm. Clearly this other branch had been damaged then but managed to hang on until this morning when the weight of the fresh catkins finally passed the point of no return. Scary to think how the weight of the branch has been slowly growing every day for the past few weeks, who knew when it would finally reach breaking point and who could have been standing under it at the time!

There are plenty of catkins this year though and that must be the cause of the problem.

Zosia and Nelson both thought it was very exciting.

I suppose the good news is that the forthcoming tree fluff will be lighter this year than before but at quite a price of arboreal destruction. There’s one other smaller tree that stands right in the path of things falling from the Poplar. It already had many branches stripped when the other branch fell and it’s now lost the only ones it had left, poor sod. Now all that remains is a tall naked trunk with a few stupid looking tufts right at the top. I expect they might fell that when they come to clear up the mess.


3 thoughts on “Rude awakening

  1. You are one lucky fella that it did not hit the house and fell out of reach to do some serious damages. Or outside for a smoke. Happened last year to my friends cottage at the lake but it crashed into their roof while they were inside. Lucky too for them no one got hurt , just shook up.

    Aren’t they supposed to check the trees when they are noticed to be damaged/weak to make sure this would not happen.

    Glad all is well and no casualties. Looking forward to Inspector Nelson’s final report. >^..^<

  2. My parents’ house is about 10 meters away from a fairly old doug fir – the base is about eight feet in diameter. We moved there when I was a teenager and thought to myself: when that thing finally comes down in a storm it’s going to utterly kill us all.

    It’s still there, of course.

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