Łazienki park – Warsaw

Today, Zosia and I went to Łazienki park, or peacock park as we call it, you can just hear one at the end of the video. It was a beautiful day, getting up to 26C at one point and the park was in good shape. I took the panorama video on the iPhone, which is not as good quality as the Sony A55 but is more than good enough to expect from a mobile phone. As you can see there were plenty of people who decided a walk around the park would be a good idea. Quite a few foreigners there actually, meaning not Polish, mostly Hungarian from what I could decipher. We didn’t go near the entrance where the coaches are parked but I expect there were a few tour buses there full of people spending the weekend in Warsaw.

I snapped a few photos as well:

For any photo-heads out there, these are straight from the iPhone, imported to the Mac using ‘Image Capture’. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to get photos from an Apple iPhone to an Apple Mac, as far as I know impossible via the obvious route of iTunes. I’ve then run them through photoshop to use Imagenomic to remove the noise as I find all iPhone photos are noisy when you view them out of the phone. I then did a ‘smart sharpen’ and shrunk the size before uploading to here. Et voila!

By the way – I’ve only just worked out how to view photos at the full size using this new theme I have! In case others are as confused as I am (because the old theme you just clicked the photo once or twice) you click the photo which takes you to another page displaying the photo but at the same size. On the left is the name of the photo, in the case of the top one here it is ‘Lazienki 1’, under that is the date and under the date it says 1000 x 747, which is the full size. You can click this and it will display the photo at the full uploaded size. Phew, glad I worked that one out.


One thought on “Łazienki park – Warsaw

  1. Sunday in the Park….. na spacer and beatuitful weather. Your weather is further ahead than ours. (currently pouring buckets) A typical rainy gloomy Monday.

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