The ants have evolved

Another thing that happens when the temperatures rise is that the insects wake up. Butterflies have been around for a while now and we have bees buzzing around the azalea but it is only the ants that decide to invade the home.

In previous years this has been an easy thing to deal with because they arrived en masse in one area down by the skirting board and then ran forays to more interesting places from there. This made it easy to locate their headquarters, let loose the ant genocide WMD and say “Hasta la vista” to the ants. This year it seems they have reached a higher state of evolution. These ants have bigger brains and whilst they are not yet standing upright, using opposable thumbs, making flint tools or displaying a complex language structure, they are definitely smarter.

Gone are the days of setting up base camp in full display of the enemy. No, no, these guys have hidden their camp somewhere we can’t see and are sending out small (less than 10 ants) specially trained groups on commando style raids. The kitchen worktop is a favourite as this yields a goodly crop of nutrients but they are popping up all over the apartment. It might even be that they have attended training over the winter in how to set up a terrorist organisation, you know, the way they split into ‘cells’ in different places and they only talk to each other via ‘use once and throw’ mobile phones. I reckon if we can find and take out the ‘Osama Bin Ant’ character, we’ve got them on the run.

As yet their activities are more charming than annoying but the minute they start blowing stuff up we’ll have to move this to another level. Strangely, we have not seen any ants yet who have walked up to us and then blown themselves up in the hope of causing mayhem amongst the human community. Another sign of bigger brains perhaps? They clearly know that suicide bombing is not likely to succeed.


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