The colour purple

The ever reliable Azalea

A post with a purple theme.

It’s that time again, late April when the purple Azalea bush by our patio wakes up and bursts into life. This year it’s turned up a bit early. Yesterday was the 21st April and it was in full bloom for the first time, in previous years it’s been a few days later as recorded in last year’s post on the same topic. Our Azalea is always a welcome sight signaling, as it does, that winter is well and truly gone. True enough as we hit temperatures of 25C today with glorious sunshine all day long.

A less welcome purple thing is this:

Yet more spam to be binned!

A quick translation would be “Money isn’t everything. There’s also the PlayStation 3 or netbook HP Mini 110 for 1 zloty”, courtesy of Play, a local mobile phone operator owned by Netia in partnership with their Icelandic friends Novator.

I suppose it had to happen. They finally worked out how to dispense one of these things along with your cash at the ATM machines! I used a Euronet cash machine, already full of ads on the screen, and got this unwanted eco-unfriendly junk-spam along with the notes.

Is nothing sacred these days? From the overwhelming quantity of advertising here in Poland I can only assume that Poles are top of the world ranking of ‘Nations most easily influenced by marketing campaigns’.


7 thoughts on “The colour purple

  1. I think its that Polish people in charge of advertising budgets are very easily swayed. No one bothers looking at all the leaflets (with your money, under your windscreen wiper, on your door, in your mailbox, shoved into your hand on the street or at the grocery store), billboards, texts sent to your phone, the mass of adverts on TV (and in shows), radio, before any film (and in the films), and the internet (web, email, etc), in shop windows, all over taxis/buses/trams, on the sides of buildings, spray-painted on pavements, bills covering temporary construction fences, with your takeaway food and A4 sheets of paper badly taped or wrapped around any other uncluttered surface.

    I’m sure I’ve only scratched the surface there. 99 times out of 100 they are not only utterly unappealing in terms of what’s offered but are also irritating, ugly, vapid, often litter (and in the case of all billboards outside of a city, godforsaken eyesores) and finally some asshat has tried to jam 500 words into something that is meant to be absorbed in 1-2 seconds/at a glance.

  2. Scatts, just parted with my mobile internet connection provided by Play and switched to Cyfrowy Polsat.

    Works like a dream, it’s like changing old, rickety Polonez for a new Mercedes S-klasse.

    No, I’m not joking, it indeed is great (so far!)

  3. Love azaleas and rhododendron time of year. So pretty. I hope the bank spam doesn’t work and never gets to us. I have noticed in the recession a marked drop in junk mail and hope the companies realise it never worked in the first place and don’t resume when they find they are flush again.

  4. Therein lies the conflict, Kolin. What I really want to do with these and with the garbage left on my windscreen is to throw them on the pavement. I really don’t see why it should be my responsibility to take care of them until I can find a suitable rubbish bin but of course throwing them on the street makes me the bad litter-dropper. Then again, perhaps if these things were littering every street in the city the authorities would do something about dealing with the root cause of the problem.

    Hard to know what to do really.

  5. I’m amazed you don’t have them yet, Kez. Then again, I was reading something about ATMs in the US and how they are light years behind ours because they developed such a huge network in the early days and now its tough to change them all to the latest type.

    The UK was years ahead of Poland with ATMs so might be a similar story. I’m sure you’ll get these ads eventually though!

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