Warsaw – North bridge over the Wisła

Zosia and I decided it was time to investigate the progress they are making on the new northern bridge. The picture below gives an idea of how it will all look (from a helicopter) when finished. We’ve seen good progress on all the spaghetti to the left of the red star for months now as we drive past it every day but we could not see how far they had got across the river. Hence today’s little exploration.

Our home (yellow) and vantage point (red)

I have some photos that I’ll process and add soon but for the time being perhaps the best idea can be got from this video:

Some explanation – the “smelly” comment relates to the fact that there’s a sewage outlet in this location. In fact it wasn’t all that bad but we’d not recommend swimming in it nor eating any of the fish they were catching! This guy just scaling and gutting his latest catch.

Mmmmmm yummy!

You might also spot an excellent parenting tip in the video – child asks if she can do something, parent says no and then immediately gives in! Hence my chuckle.

You can click the photo for larger size and click the “Watch on You Tube” thing to see a bigger video.


3 thoughts on “Warsaw – North bridge over the Wisła

  1. Thanks for the video Scatts. We have two bridges near me….one is a lift bridge that was just built near our old one (they did a lot or remodeling) the other is a swing bridge by the bay. It closes( road) in summer and reopens in Nov. No one around there is happy with that set up but the boaters one out. We still keep trying to change or work out something else so we can have access to the otherside all year and not just in the winter. Was there a bridge before or are you getting a brand new bridge for the first time there. Hope you enjoy it when it opens.

  2. Chris, there are plenty of bridges over the river so this is not adding much to the equation but the current most northerly bridge is extremely popular and always jammed with traffic so it will ease congestion – and allow them to close the current bridge for repairs meaning the new bridge will be congested!

    There’s been a lot of housing and commercial development on the other side of the river in the north, hence the increased demand.

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