Warsaw blog meeting

The umptieth anniversary of the birth of Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin is surely an appropriate juncture at which to call for a Warsaw blog meeting?

We promised ourselves when we met back in November that we’d have a Warsaw get-together and what? Nothing happened!

I’m talking about YOU – Michael, Paddy, Kolin, Bart, Steve plus anyone else who I’ve missed off the list as well as any ‘groupies’ like Adam & Bob! ;)

Perhaps Mike can join us this time?

Therefore, by the powers invested in me, I declare May to be a good time to meet.

Proposed dates are:

  • Friday 6 May – eve
  • Saturday 7 May – pm
  • Friday 27 May – eve
  • Saturday 28 May – pm

Place to be decided when we have an idea of numbers and dates.

Non-Warsaw bloggers are obviously also welcome – Jamie, Derek, Brad…..?



21 thoughts on “Warsaw blog meeting

  1. Don’t plan around my preferences but I think end of May would be my preference. Paula’s in Warsaw all next week but I don’t know if she will be there during the first week of May or not.

  2. Count me in – nothing planned at the moment on the proposed dates. I guess the earlier weekend would be better as it’s after the long weekend and chances are nothing will be planned.

  3. Kolin invited me and of course I would like to join you. Or would you like to have a men’s meeting?:) For now all the dates are ok for me.

  4. Good stuff! Look forward to seeing you there…..whenever….wherever….

    I’ll call the final date and time shortly. As usual not all are aligned but that’s impossible to achieve anyway.

  5. Ohh, I’m on the list

    Ohh, my reaction is belated…

    Ohh, it’s been a while since we last met, some half a year…

    Ohh, I prefer Saturdays to Fridays and late May to early May.

    Ohh, just call a blogmeet and then I should feel duty bound to turn up.

  6. Listen up people!

    I’ve run the comments through my sophisticated comment analysis machine and it tells me that the following things got the most votes:

    1/ any time is good
    2/ early May
    3/ Saturday

    I therefore declare the meeting details to be:

    Saturday 7 May @ 15:00hrs somewhere in Warsaw.

    I’ll get back later with details of the location and re-affirmation of the date and time in a new post.

    Thanks and see you then!

  7. I can’t read the comment on the communal calendar, but it seems to say something like “Dead 12:00”. Otherwise, I hope to be there on the 7th.

  8. Can a stranger poke his head in on this … I realise it’s not a Lodge meeting but you don’t have anything against Masons attending do you…? My business eMail expires on Friday before the meeting as I fully accept retirement so I would appreciate a message before then to let me know where the meeting on Saturday is to be held.

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