Wild dining!

More from the photo archives. It has only taken me since September 2009 to deal with these and I’m only doing it today (Sunday) because we’re recovering from a day of partying yesterday!

Take a small house on a big plot in a village in the middle of the Kampinos National Park. Add a wooden shack to the end nearest the kitchen & decorate with dead animal heads and skins. Make friends with all the local hunters so you have a good stock of wild meat and things. Get your wife slaving away in the kitchen while you deal with front of house. Sit back and wait for the money to roll in.

We have been going to the restaurant “Dziupla” for perhaps 9 years now. We don’t go all that often as it’s a reasonable drive away, the menu is a little restricted and it’s not cheap but we’ve probably managed to get there twice a year at least. What you go there for is the dziki (wild) menu and home cooked style. The centerpieces are things like moose, deer & wild boar and these are accompanied by excellent spuds and veg, good soups, “forest tea” and a great assortment of pickled things like pears & plums that go very well with the meats.

As the intro suggests, it’s not the most professionally built or staffed restaurant you’re likely to find but the food really is good. Make sure you take a decent amount of money with you though as it can run into about 100 zlots a head without alcohol.

I’m not giving you any details because it’s a small dining room (especially when the weather closes the outside seating) and I don’t want to find no spare seats next time we decide to visit, but it looks like it is in Google Maps so perhaps a GM search for “dziupla restaurant” might be enough. :-)


5 thoughts on “Wild dining!

  1. So happy you made that comment, Kez. It is a subject worthy of a post of its own.

    The combination of salad stuff, or any cold mess known here as ‘surówka’ (can be shredded carrot, cabbage, sliced cucumber and cream ete etc) with hot food on the same plate is very Polish and so not at all unusual. What would be unusual is to not have any cold stuff messing up your hot food!

    100 zlots is near enough 20 quid. Cheap by British standards but not cheap here.

  2. Okay Scatts, how much is 20 quid. The food looks very appealing but the menu would not be for me. (unless I just stuck to the salad stuffs) I went to a wild game feast once and don’t like it. A restaurant owner would cook up all the game the hunters caught and they would have a feast with selected friends who would get invited. I find the palce very appealing and like the single chair in front of M&S. It reminds me of the kitchen set my GF’s brother made for her. They are German and then he painted it in the tradisonla Tole painitng. The chairs looked just like it and had a little heart carved in the center of the back.

  3. It seems like a guy’s restaurant. “Hey, honey! Let’s go to that restaurant, the one with the wild meat and game heads hanging about where we sit outside on uncomfortable chairs in the damp!” Yeah, right, Scatts ;).

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