Photo catch-up

I’ve been attempting to get my photo filing sorted out today and have discovered quite a lot of stuff that hadn’t got any further than uploading to the computer!

Here are a few I processed so far:

Nelson and his new friend

Nelson enjoying one his home-made saunas (heated floor & bath mat)

Mazury pumpkins

Kids auditioning for horror movie

Mazury ferry

Mazury guest house

Hammock fun

My day going fast in a Porsche

Getting ready to break the lap record

Stuck behind an army bike


10 thoughts on “Photo catch-up

  1. It was. Can’t remember the exact location but it was on the way to Łodż about 60-90 mins out of Warsaw. An old airfield, as most of these places are.

  2. I had a mate once and we used to spend quite a bit of time at the weekends together as we were both single. He was a journalist for a local paper and given the chance to drive a porsche for a weekend to then write a article on it. He dumped me, his mate, and insisted this was his best chance ever of pulling. Had to laugh so hard when he turned up outside on the Sunday at midday because he’d got nowhere! Still we both had a laugh for a few hours until it had to be returned and it was back to his falling apart spitfire!

  3. I didn’t dump any friends for this trip!

    Nice car. You could choose from a range of even faster ones but there’s really no need on such a small track and if I’m ever likely to buy one it would be a Porsche so I thought that was best.

    It was a birthday present from Marta in fact.

  4. Love the photos (sepecially of Nelson…boy did he ever get big) Nice choice with the Porsche too I might add…lucky you. :P

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