Goodbye Cyfrowy Polsat

Those who have been reading for a while will be aware of my hate-hate relationship with Cyfrowy Polsat. Earlier posts here and here will give more details if you want to catch up.

Well, revenge is sweet!

The only reason we have remained with Cyfrowy Polsat is because it was the only place you could watch the BBC channels but then in January strange messages started appearing on those channels saying that from Feb 1 the BBC were ditching CyfPol and going to nHDTV and Cyfra+. Never did I imagine I could read such beautiful words on a TV screen. One has to assume CyfPol were as crap at their dealings with the BBC as they are with their customers?



Now, we could quite easily live without the BBC, especially now we have Sky, but after the way we’ve been treated by CyfPol in the past I wasn’t going to miss any opportunity to leave and so was busy checking out the best option between nHDTV and Cyfra+ within days of knowing the BBC were moving. nHDTV has more BBC than does Cyfra+ because they have BBC Lifestyle and CBeebies while Cyfra+ does not but that’s not a big deal unless you’re hooked on gay home-makeover stars & cooking shows or have an under-five in the house. Cyfra+ does have BBC HD, BBC Entertainment and BBC Knowledge, which is good enough for us.

The main reasons to choose Cyfra+ over nHDTV were:

  • Their MULTIROOM system is how it should be, two decoders and two cards, whereas nHDTV needed an ethernet cable from one decoder to the other. Who on earth is going to bugger around drilling holes through walls and running cables from one room to another? More to the point, why should they even have to consider doing that?
  • They are cheaper.
  • They have Polsat channels (although I think I saw an nHDTV ad last night that said they now have Polsat?)
  • They have a good number of HD channels.
  • I have not heard too many bad things about them, which I have about nHDTV

So, decision made we trolled off to the Cyfra+ kiosk in Arkadia, just outside Leroy Merlin to sign up. Despite the manager’s “Boy! Am I sick of doing this!” attitude and the enormous quantity of paperwork required for something so simple we managed to sign up for 22 months of “Optimum HD” and walked away with two decoders and two cards ready to make an immediate start.

The available deal meant that instead of paying the advertised 84,90 a month we would pay just 69,00 to which we added a further 10,00 for the Multiroom. This means we’ll be paying 79,00 a month with Cyfra+ for an excellent package including HD in two rooms, which compares with 117,60 a month with CyfPol for a significantly worse package and no HD. This largely thanks to CyfPol’s lack of any Multiroom package when we signed up. Their idea of Multiroom was that we had to sign a second, completely separate agreement for the going rate, no discount for the fact that this is the same customer, same house just another room. This resulted in higher costs and having to manage two contracts all the time, two payments each month, etc. Quite ridiculous and as far as I can see it is still the same today.

Setting up the Cyfra+ could not have been simpler. It uses the same satellite as CyfPol (Hotbird) and so we just plugged everything in and waited a while. The quality of the picture is far better than CyfPol, which I assume is down to them providing better quality decoders and of course the HD picture quality is excellent. This is the first time we’ve had HD broadcasts even though we’ve had an HD TV for a couple of years now. I can’t say it is something worth paying a lot of extra money for but it is nice to be able to see the difference.

This just leaves us with the matter of cancelling the CyfPol contracts, yes, we did get the Cyfra+ before cancelling the CyfPol! Given past performance you might imagine this would be a very arduous task but, credit where it’s due, they seem to have a reasonable attitude here. We have to write to them, two separate letters because we have two separate contracts, saying we wish to cancel our subscriptions because they removed the BBC channels. It seems this will be taken as a reasonable argument, which indeed it is, and allow us to cancel without penalty. The letters will be delivered tomorrow. Worst case we’ll have to pay one contract until May and the other until August but even that’s a small price to get a bad company out of our lives.


4 thoughts on “Goodbye Cyfrowy Polsat

  1. I don’t think I’d want to explain to Zosia how she’s gonna have to fire up Firefox, visit TPB, fire up uTorrent and wait between 10 minutes and something slightly less than infinity before watching whatever it is she wants to watch.

    I on the other hand, don’t mind it. If someone could concentrate all of the best stuff being done into one, two or three channels that’d be great. But seeing as how they can’t (and seem to do the opposite) I’m giving it a miss.

  2. Thanks for this timely blog. Any other interesting (non-sport) English language channels on Cyfra+? With BBC HD, World and Knowledge experience, they are better regretted in absence than watched. (You make Cyfrowy Polsat sound interesting.)

    We’ve just cancelled N, mainly because it doesn’t have the main Polsat channel – the only worthwhile broadcast channel for me and essential for everyone else, but we are currently awaiting an email from them with a new special offer. If this is OK and, especially, if Polsat is in the offing, maybe we won’t change.

  3. Steve, sorry for the late response but I’ve only just rediscovered your question above.

    There are other channels where the language can be switched. The main ones I know about are Discovery World & Science but also things like Animal Planet, I think some of the crime things like AXA, Disney Channel if you have kids…… Haven’t really explored all the possibilities yet.

    I think N are offering Polsat now so most likely you’ll be renewing with their ‘special offer’.

    We finally closed out our Cyf Pol contracts. They also called with a wealth of ‘special offers’ including HD channels for free and so on but I made it clear I wanted nothing more to do with them and so we closed the contracts with immediate effect. In fact, they owe me 57.80!

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