High Definition

Yeah, yeah, time I did a blog post! All this pressure is killing me, still, the Hammers excellent comeback from 3-0 down to scrape a 3-3 draw has provided enough inspiration to type.

High definition, TV, nope, I’m talking about light as in outside outdoorsy light. Have you noticed how some days things just look super sharp compared to other days? The difference is staggering. I notice it most when I’m at work outside on Złota having a smoke and look up at the PKiN. Unless there’s fog you can always see the thing clearly enough but there are those days when you can see every last grain of sand in those stone blocks, when the clock face is burning itself into your eyeballs it’s so sharp. Another view that brings it home is looking from the office ‘bridge’ across to the Marriott, especially when the sun’s gone down and you can pick up the sharp edges of the neon lights.

I’ve no idea why there should be such a big change from one day to another but I assume it’s got something to do with “smog”, in which case there’s a hell of a lot of smog around most of the time. Not that you can see the smog, in most respects it looks perfectly normal but there’s a sort of invisible blur filter between you and whatever you’re looking at. When you get a day with the filter removed it’s a whole new world.

The effect is very similar to watching HD pictures on the TV versus normal ones but those old normal ones, not ones recorded with good equipment. Also similar to watching a photo sharpen up when you apply filters in Photoshop.

On a clear day you can see forever.


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