Złota 44 – like a Phoenix?

Złota 44 - Feb 7th 2011

The last post on this subject was back in May last year when I reported that nothing was happening. Pretty exciting report it was too!

Well, are you sitting down because I can now report that something IS happening. In fact, it started happening a couple of weeks ago in a slow yet deliberate way and has been building to a crescendo ever since. As I stare out of the window right now I can see at least 20 workers actually doing something remotely resembling building works. Two cranes have been erected, the orange tower crane and the blue ‘bocian’. Assorted materials have been lifted up to the terrace area and they are generally tidying up and getting ready for some proper work to start.

Rumour has it that they are setting up site ready for renewal of concreting activities in March. Rumour also has it that the new contractor is Italian and that funding has been made available by Pekao SA.

Yet more rumours indicate that most of those who got caught out by the earlier collapsing Besix project were actually treated quite well in terms of getting paid for what they had done.

Anyway, enough rumours, let’s wait and see if this really is a fresh start or just smoke & mirrors.

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