Apple iOS 4.2.1 – sucks!

Don't do it!!!

A chance for us all to share those stories of how the most recent software update for iPhone, iPod and iPad has ruined our lives!

I’ve been hunting for an apology from Apple, or at least a notice that they are rushing through another and far better update. Sadly, I can find no such thing. Their transmogrification from Robin Hood to the Sheriff of Nottingham will soon be complete along with levels of customer arrogance previously only attributable to Micro$oft.

Here are just a few of the issues that have arisen since November when it was released:

  • Alarm malfunction – not once but twice. Firstly when the clocks went back in November and more recently on Jan 1st, 2nd, 3rd……. don’t even know if it is fixed yet. Loads of people late for work, or worse and advice from Apple fanatics like “buy an alarm clock” certainly don’t help.
  • Volvo malfunction. Used to work with the Volvo car hi-fi systems, now it doesn’t. Thankfully I can use my old iPod but there are many who don’t have that luxury.
  • Various error messages and crashes. Annoying.
  • Battery life issues – iPad.
  • Wi-Fi issues.
  • and so on and so forth…………

I’ve been directly affected by the Volvo issue, my wife by the alarm issue and even outside of these specific problems the performance is distinctly “buggy” – hesitation, not as smooth, crashes, etc.

Not the kind of performance one expects from a phone this expensive from a company that prides itself (should be past tense perhaps) on providing a high level of user experience. Not quite the same level of perfection that Apple and its fans would have you believe is a “given” with any Apple product.

Get it sorted, Apple, fast.

While you’re at it, any chance the next humungous iTunes update could include the ability to realise that our house has three devices that need updating and therefore it might be helpful to only download the update once and apply it to all three, rather than three separate downloads?

Oh, by the way, bit of a laughable ‘Sale’ you’ve got going on here in Warsaw! All the machines in the shop have ‘Sale’ notices on the screens. When you ask what the deal is you find out that the only things reduced, a little, are accessories like condoms for your phones that don’t work too good these days.

These are the sounds of a reputation slowly being torn apart.


4 thoughts on “Apple iOS 4.2.1 – sucks!

  1. I changed my car stereo about 2 years ago for an Alpine unit so I’d have hands free and could plug my Ipod Touch into it.

    All was fine until 4.1 which then did not work at all, after a bit of searching revealed a thread on Apple’s support pages that some kind person at Apple suggested that people buy new car stereo’s!

    This thread was miraculously removed shortly after it was reported to some fairly high profile Tech sites.

    Suprisingly, 4.2 does work with the stereo but it is certainly slower than 3.x.

    Please report your issue to Apple and see if they suggest buying a new car!

    Personally I’ve an old travel alarm clock that still works so I never use my phone as an alarm.

  2. I also don’t use the phone as an alarm so no problemo and to be honest I’m more inclined to blame Volvo than Apple for the car issue as the iPhone works fine in my wife’s Nissan that is an older model than the Volvo.

    However, that’s not the point as we all know. The update is a buggy piece of carp and the attitude is not good.

  3. Funny what you can find if you use just the right keywords. Since 4.2.1 my iPad cannot maintain a solid wifi connection to save my life. I’ve called apple support twice and both times they denied knowing about the problem. This is/was my first piece of Apple hardware. At this rate it is going to also be my last.

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