20 east – now 3 years old!

I just realised that ’20 east’ is now over three years old, it reached the age of three on October 20th in fact and it took me a couple of months to notice!

On the second anniversary I shared some stats for those who like those kind of things so here we go again. I’ve copied the list of items from last year (more or less) and give this years results with performance versus 2009 in brackets:

I have to say that unless I can get my posting frequency back to where it should be, next year’s stats are likely to be lower. You can see a gradual build up to the peak of May 2010 and then a pronounced decline from there to today and it is now running at roughly the same average monthly views as it was throughout 2008 – roughly 150 a day.

It will be interesting to see if this really is to do with posting frequency or of there were other technological changes in the background, search engines and so on, or changes to the way of counting these things or possibly just a cyclical and natural wave of readership.

Anyway, for those who have been contributing to the stats – thanks! Especially those who have been here since October 2007.


13 thoughts on “20 east – now 3 years old!

  1. Scatts, i have been stalking you since you created the pbase account ;) Z probably was not even born, lol. Your blog came much later, if i remember right.

    I lived in Warsaw/Poland (20yrs ago moved to an other country) and i like(d!) your daily life stories -and photos !- about Wawa (that’s the reason why i visit your blog). But sadly in 2010 you did not write as much about Wawa as in the past… :( (probobly Wawa bores you to death already and all the places aren’t interesting anymore )

    sorry for my english. And happy New Year.

  2. ps: and sorry for my sometimes agressive comments when it comes to racism/Poland, and stuff like that. The reason why i sound so rude is my limited English. So, plz do not take my comments personally.

  3. guest, I appreciate the effort you are taking to “follow me around” so to speak. I always wanted a stalker! ;)

    Yes, pBase came first in 2005 and then the blog in 2007. I’ve since moved to Zenfolio for pictures although I’m not sure that’s going to last so I may move back again. Mind you, the work involved is a bit off-putting.

    The point about Warsaw is interesting. I think there are a few reasons why I post less; firstly because it is less interesting as time goes by, secondly because my daughter is growing up and I have less opportunity to walk her around (and she’s less interested in it) and lastly because I have far less free time these days. I must try harder though because Warsaw changes constantly and although my interest is diminished it is still strong. Time is the main killer.

    I should add that I do have loads of photos already taken that are not in either blogs or galleries – again the time to process them is the problem.

    No worries about the comments. Sorry if I get a bit defensive but I tend to be more so on Polandian because there are so many people visiting, here it is more relaxed because I know everyone, almost.

    What you need is a new name I can identify you by. “guest” could be anyone, especially on Polandian!

    Happy New Year to you too!!

    (Which country are you in now, by the way?)

  4. Scatts, good you’re with us. I’ve been here for one and a half year only, so I’m not one of most avid readers.

    Posting frequency does translate into number of visits, we should both get our acts together and write more often. Another important factor that determintes the readership are links on other sites. I get around 30 visits a day and I get on with this, I don’t need more publicity.

    Haven’t you considered putting in a visit meter on the sidebar, as I did.
    I wish number of visits hits 250,000 by the end of the year!

  5. Serdeczne, świąteczne życzenia od nas dla was. Niech Pan Jezus błogosławi i napełni Was głęboką radością i pokojem. Halleluja!

  6. ‘Tis the season to look back with nostalgia. A quick check reveals that I started my first blog, the now defunct Wyspianski Unwinding, in July 2007, which surprised me because I thought 20East was older. Interestingly, and just to annoy you, it still gets about 100 views a day even though I haven’t written anything on there since September 2008. Perhaps posting frequency isn’t so important.

    Anyway, belated congrats and may there be many more anniversaries. (What happened to the 20-second videos, I liked that idea).

  7. No no, WU was always older than 20 east by a few months.

    I think no matter whether you post or not a decent (ish) blog with varied content that’s been around a while is going to manage 50-100 visits a day anyway just from searches, links, bots and spam. Yours probably at the high end due to the “publicity” of your name from wp.pl, Polandian and Krak post. I’m under no illusion that circa 20% of my views would be there whether I post or not.

    20 sec vids is still a going concern just haven’t been out much recently. Easily done from the iPhone so I expect it is one idea that won’t die.

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