Łazienki Park in winter

Today we visited ‘Peacock Park’ for the first time in ages. All the usual suspects were there and it was a glorious walk in the snowy landscape with the sun making many a treetop glisten. I took a few snaps to celebrate.

Mini panorama

My favourite view

Satyr with a crutch

Zosia getting down with the ducks

A good place to give the baby some air

Palace pose

On the way home I stopped to get a shot of the river Wisła, now starting to get clogged with ice. Can’t say I’d fancy trying to swim across.

Icy Wisła


7 thoughts on “Łazienki Park in winter

  1. Yes, I read about that. Didn’t see a lot of KGB guys running around doing bomb sweeps and so on, although I’m sure all that happens before he goes there.

  2. Paddy, no, it’s all from the Sony a55 camera – photos and video. The video in the last post is from the iPhone, although not at its best indoors.

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