This global “warming” is a big joke, right?

Welcome to what I hope to be the first in a series of “20 second videos”. The tricky part is remembering that I should do more of them, without that it won’t be much of a series! Why 20 seconds – because it goes well with the blog title, because you should be able to get something across in 20 seconds and because it limits the upload times. Why video – because the iPhone does video and it should be more informative than a photo. All of that, especially the time limit, are subject to review but that’s the general plan as we stand here today freezing our nuts off.

This video was taken on Ul. Złota today, before the snow really built up. The wind was tearing down the street, as you can hear, from the direction of PKiN and the snow was blowing everywhere. It was that sort of dry snow, little pellets like sand blowing across dunes in the desert. At times you could hardly see the PKiN and that’s a huge building just across the street. For Złota 44 fans (that’s the big concrete skeleton on the left), you can see there’s still nothing happening, despite all that optimism when the building permit was reinstated.

When I said “bring on the snow” in the last post I wasn’t expecting such a swift and violent reaction. Warsaw was hit today by a violent bout of “global warming” in the shape of Siberian blizzards that almost paralysed the city by the afternoon rush-hour, today more of a rush-three-hours. The video was taken around midday I think and it just got worse and worse. They are predicting -20C on Wednesday. So then I got to wondering about this global warming thing, I mean, if that’s supposed to warm things up, melt the polar ice-caps, then why are we having such long and hard winters recently? If anything, the differences between the seasons is becoming more exaggerated, hotter and shorter summers with colder and longer winters. This is not what I was led to believe would happen. I expected shorter and warmer winters and increasingly hot summers. If there’s anyone out there who knows how this works I’d be happy to be educated because from where I’m sitting this global warming is a lot of hot air.

The new car performed sort of okay in the conditions. Definitely grunts its way through snowdrifts better than the Passat and felt a bit more surefooted although I need to be careful because it’s not infallible. It’s one thing being able to go faster in bad weather but I still have to turn corners and stop the thing and no amount of AWD is going to help if I push it beyond the limits of physics/geometry/chemistry. Where it didn’t perform as well is the windscreen wipers. There’s a dead zone right at the bottom where not enough of the warm air reaches. This means ice builds up in conditions like we had today (-6, lots of wind, water running down from hotter parts of windscreen) and then starts clogging the wiper blades. At one point I tried my usual trick of reaching out through the window and grabbing the blade with intention of letting it slap back down on the windscreen to dislodge some ice. The wiper blade came off in my hand and then flicked itself away from the car and into a snowdrift by the side of the road! Fortunately I’d had the sense to try this while stuck in traffic so I got out to retrieve the blade and put it on the floor until I could find somewhere to stop. I managed to drive a while with just a metal stump waving around and found a petrol station to stop at. Fifteen minutes later I had finally managed to clip the damned thing back in its socket and could finish the drive home. Shan’t be trying that again!

Ho hum. I see at least Michael was enjoying himself!


10 thoughts on “This global “warming” is a big joke, right?

  1. Becareful what you ask for as the pen is mightier than the sword. :P Yes weather is crazy here too …out West where it is much warmer has been having crazy and early snow and ice storms. Global warming should be melting this not freezing and dumping. Not looking for to another winter because its too unpredictable.

  2. Global warming. Temperatures increase most in polar zones, then ice caps melt, cool water flows down to oceans, cools the water there down and slowly throttles the Gulf Stream. It doesn’t demise as some say, but effects are two-fold. When the air is getting hotter, miscellanous particles move faster (simply physics), cause general uproar in the atmosphere and this is why weather goes into extremes.

    To couch it with a language of statistics, mean temperatures will be higher, standard deviation will also go up, even more. Just look at it – it may take the temperature 17 days to drop from +17C to -17C. Cool?

    What we’re experiencing now has been caused by an unfavourable arrangement of air pressure systems over Europe. A high over Scandinavia and a low over Russia are making a concerted effort to draw in some chilly air hailing from Murmansk, Russia. Plus there is a stupid low somewhere south of us which is pushing those funny clouds full of snowflakes over Poland, Czech Republic, Austria etc.

    I would like to remind you that the had similar weather patterns in 2002/2003 winter. Very frosty December in large swathes of Europe, snow in Algieria, people freezing to death in India, blizzards in North America. We’ll survive.

    Yes… Michael’s making up for all those grumblers who moan because roads are jammed, the work –> home journey lasts eight hours, buses break down, trains derail, thousand of people are freezing on bus stops, it’s damn f*cking frosty, snowplough are stuck in traffic jams, someone has to take a shovel and clear pavements, the heating bills will be high, etc. I wonder how long before an infuriated Pole tells him off…

  3. All the varying publicity on global warming makes it too complicated for me to understand. However, I also remember the claim that different areas will be affected differently. I think melting ice is supposed to make more water available for evaporation followed by increased precipitation. Desert areas can therefore expect greater cloud cover and would therefore actually be cooler rather than warmer. I also heard about the greater extremes of temperature, but this sometimes seemed to be linked to a short transitional period, perhaps only a few hundred years or so, as the earth adjusts to the new conditions. However, all in all, I don’t get the impression that anyone has any real idea what is going to happen in any one place – its all still guesswork.

  4. Drove to work in pouring rain and drove home in a snow storm. (thanks Scatts) It is that yuky heavy wet kind and our first serious one of the season. Anyone for a snow ball fight ???

  5. Global warming doesn’t imply that temperatures around the world are suddenly going to increase uniformly by some substantial amount, say 3 degrees, everywhere; rather it means that over a substantial period of time, temperatures will on average be a little warmer, within the normal distribution of temperatures. So there will still be very cold winters and very warm summers, etc, it’s just that, over a 5-25 year timeframe, temperatures at the upper end of the distribution will be slightly warmer. So for instance, you might have an average temperature in November of -3 during the day, instead of -4 10 years earlier (this is for Wroclaw and a total guess). There will still be extremely cold days, ie -20, and very warm (and unusually brisk) weeks in summer.

    Also, the change will be so slow and incremental that they’ll hardly be noticeable. To see rising temperatures in action, you just have to go and have a look at some satellite images of the greenland icesheet shrinking, or rapidly retreating glaciers in New Zealand and the Himalayas. Sorry to be a downer, but global warming IS happening, even if you can’t see it.

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