Equipment with “rejection issues”

Have you noticed how things have a habit of going wrong just before you replace them with something new?

For example, you decide to replace your car, computer, camera or whatever. The old one, that has has been a reliable and trouble-free  servant for many years gets wind of the fact that it is about to be “let go” and gets all emotional about it. Suddenly, things start going wrong at an ever increasing rate of frequency until it becomes a race between the arrival of the new one and the complete failure of the old.

This happens too regularly for it to be just a coincidence. There must be something more mysterious behind it. A man-machine emotional connection that we have hitherto overlooked.

6 thoughts on “Equipment with “rejection issues”

  1. Reminds me of the time I had to get rid of my old car (was not allowed to keep two on the premises of my apt complex) A friend of mine had property so he told me to drive it over there and then he would get rid of it for me. Well the minute I pulled in and parked it was the last time it restarted. It just died there the minute I put it into park. That one was actually a bit spooky.

  2. When I tried and eventually got rid of one car, it decided to not let me open the driver’s side door, so my friend had to pull me out of the window. That was its parting shot after everything else had gone wrong on it.

    I also think that’s why my computer is still running. It knows I can’t afford to get rid of it and that I’m hanging onto it for dear life, so it appreciates that fact and keeps running.

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