All Saints

Here we are again by the graveside as is normal on 1st November in Poland. Zosia displaying her favourite cemetery foodstuff pańska skórka which is essentially sugar made into a gooey pink and white blob and wrapped in paper. I have no idea why this is popular on this day. Other delicacies include small round bagel type bread things that would be useful as foundations for tall buildings and stale Rice Krispies mixed with bird poo and rolled into a ball. The latter might work as a winter feed for birds, but even they might object.

The weather was delightful, 14C and sunshine. Of course, now we’ve had a day or three of good weather everyone will be sick again. Weather is NOT allowed to swing from -2C to 14C like this – BAD, NAUGHTY weather!

This weekend is a good time to observe the slow but inevitable creep of commercialisation into Poland. Halloween, years ago laughed at as being nothing to do with Poland becomes more and more evident every year. The sellers along the walk through the cemetery, years ago would be only the foodstuffs explained above in addition to the many flowers and candle holders. Today we saw DVDs, CDs, books, even a stand promoting country cheeses. Won’t be long before the walk through the cemetery resembles a stroll through Arkadia shopping centre. Sad but true.

Quite happy with the picture below. First attempt at mailing a post to the blog from the iPhone. When mailing it gives an option to save as smaller size. The original was 2.9MB from the 5 megapixies camera but the one displayed below was saved as ‘large’ size, from memory about 600KB. The HDR function was switched off.


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